About NEZ Moving Pixels, a Production House

NEZ Moving Pixels one of the leading Production House of India is based in Kolkata. The Production House, in just three years of existence, has produced several award winning Short Films, Documentaries and Feature Films.

  • Its 1st Bengali Feature Film “1+1=3” was released in March 2015.
  • Its 1st Hindi Feature Film “UMFORMUNG-The Transformation” has begged 19 Awards/Nomination. The movies is based on Philosophy of Budha.
  • Its 2nd Hindi Feature Film, “PARADISO” has already won 13 Awards/Nominations.
  • The Production House Docu Feature “Neti Neti – not this not this” is about a quest of a being “Who Am I”. This Docu Feature has won 28 Awards.
  • The Production House has recently made a Short Film “Sand Paper”.
  • Its other Short films “Ambrosia – Food of God” and “Pashani” has also begged several Awards.
  • Its upcoming Projects are “Lust Pool”, “Sex in the Mirror” – both are Short Films which along with Sand Paper are part of “Lust Series Short Film”.
  • Its upcoming Feature Film Project “Urban Honeymoon” is at Pre Production Stage.
  • Brain behind the Production House are Dr Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar, Psychologist, self taught Artist, Poet, Philosopher and Film Maker and Ms Rita Jhawar, a Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur, Social Worker and Rotarian.



He is Founder of NEZ Group. He is an award winning Director, a Psychologist, Painter and Poet.




She is Co-Founder of NEZ Group. She is a chartered accountant, a builder, film producer and pianist.